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MDF Doors & Draw Fronts

3/4" Premium Raw MDF raised panel cabinet doors & draw fronts 

CNC Cut Raw MDF ready for paint 

$14 per square foot , shipping included on panels up to 36" × 48" Larger panels may have extra shipping fees. 

To figure square footage take the width × height ÷ 144 = square feet 

Example 22-1/2 × 30 ÷144 = 4.625 sf. So you would round up to 5 sf. for pricing , bringing the total to $ 70 

When you order your doors & draws you would give us the actual size of the panels you will need. 

Other MDF products available such as shapes, monogram letters, printable crafts, etc. 

Made in the USA!! 

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Any questions just ask.


All Doors & Draw Fronts Are Cut On A CNC Router